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Opening ceremony of Miranda's World Tour

Espoo Cultural Centre, Espoo

15 Feb - 15 Mar 2017

Opening speeches

Former President of Finland Ms. Tarja Halonen

Cultural Counsellor
Mr Veijo Baltzar

Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland Ms. Riitta Kaivosoja

Opened by former President of Finland Ms Tarja Halonen

Cultural Counsellor Mr Veijo Baltzar

Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland Ms Riitta Kaivosoja

Ambassador of Israel to Finland Mr Dov Segev-Steinberg

Mr Andrzej Mirga (Roma Education Fund, Hungary/Poland)

The Communication Manager of Sered Holocaust Museum/Slovakia's National Museum Mr Jakub Ackerman.

Statements and comments

"I congratulate the creators of this exhibition and I wish them luck in conquering the world. I hope the exhibition will further open the eyes of the many majorities around the world to see the continuing discrimination of the Roma people and to change their own behavior. This exhibition is made by Roma people. It will certainly generate curiosity and respect, I hope."
-President Ms Tarja Halonen

"This is not only a story of Slovak Roma but also of all of us Europeans. When I’m being asked about what we should do with the rise of extremism and nationalism today, I instantly answer that it is projects like Miranda which are the key in preventing them." 
H.E. Ambassador of Slovakia Mr Tibor Králik

"If having experienced Miranda exhibition, there will appear question “Why?” in the mind of a young pupil, the next question will consequently be “Can we do something about it?”. This is what this exhibition is all about."
-Youth Counsellor Mr Olli Saarela

National Museum of Finland, Helsinki

13 Sep 2013 – 23 Mar 2014

Miranda exhibition was on display at the National Museum of Finland from 13 Sep 2013 until 23 Mar 2014. The exhibition was opened by the Finland’s Minister of Culture and Sports Mr Paavo Arhinmäki, gathering the audience of over 400 people.

"The exhibitions of Finland’s National Museum have traditionally been produced by the museum’s own or external researchers, and the Museum is in charge of the content of the exhibitions. In case of the exhibition “Miranda – The Roma Holocaust” the National Museum has for the first time ever given an opportunity to a national minority, the Roma, to tell their own story with those focuses they themselves consider important… …Many adults have faced a need to reconsider their perception of the 20th century Europe as well.”

-Director General Ms Helena Edgren, the National Museum of Finland

Miranda Tour in Finland

Rautalampi Library, Rautalampi, 17 Jun – 10 Sep 2017
Opened by Mayor of Rautalampi Mr  Risto Niemelä

Espoo Cultural Center, Espoo, 15 Feb – 15 Mar 2017
Opened by President Ms Tarja Halonen and Ministry of Education
and Culture Ms Riitta Kaivosoja

Kokkola City Library, Kokkola, 4 – 28 Jul 2017
Opened by Mr Lasse Lehmus

Culture House Fanny, Vaasa, 21 Nov – 18 Dec 2015
Opened by City Mayor Mr Thomas Häyry

Tikkurila Library, Vantaa, 1 – 30 Oct 2014
Opened by Member of Parliament Mr Antti Lindtman

Iisalmi Cultural Center, Iisalmi 1 – 30 Jun 2014
Opened by City Mayor Mr Jarmo Ronkainen

National Museum of Finland, Helsinki, 13 Sep 2013 – 23 Mar 2014
Opened by Finland’s Minister of Culture and Sports Mr Paavo Arhinmäki

City Library, Rauma, 2 – 30 Jul  2013
Opened by Mr Risto Kupari, Director of Cultural Affairs

City Library, Turku, 10 May – 16 Jun 2013
Opened by Member of Parliament Mr  Ilkka Kanerva

Gloria Multucultural Center, Jyväskylä, 8 – 30 Apr 2013
Opened by Ms Henna Virkkunen, Minister of Public Administration and Local Government

Poleeni Cultural Center, Pieksämäki, 1 – 31 Oct 2012
Opened by Mayor Mr Tapio Turunen

Vihreä Makasiini, Lappeenranta, 28 Aug  – 28 Sep 2012
Opened by City Councilor Ms Anne Selenius

City Library, Mikkeli Hall, Mikkeli 15 – 31 May 2012
Opened by Member of Parliament Ms Pauliina Viitamies

Main Municipal Library, Tuusniemi, 2 – 30 Apr 2012
Opened by Municipal Manager Mr Toni Auvinen

City Library, Kouvola, 6 – 31 Mar 2012
Opened by Mr Jari Suomela, Chairman of the City Board

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9.4.2013, Yle Uutiset, "Baltzar: Romanit syrjässä jopa romanityöstä"

10.4.2013 Jyväskylä-lehti, ”Miranda kertoo mustalaisten holokaustista Euroopassa”10.4.2013 Suur-Jyväskylän lehti, ”Romanityöryhmä tekee ainutlaatuista työtä koulutus etusijalla”

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1.5.2013 Aamuset, "Näyttely mustalaisten kansanmurhasta Turun pääkirjastoon"

1.5.2013 Aamuset, "Näyttely mustalaisten kansanmurhasta Turun pääkirjastoon"

11.5.2013 Åbo Underrättelser, “”Berättelser som världen inte velat se och hora”
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3.7.2013 Yle Uutiset, ”Kulttuurineuvos: Valtaväestön on ymmärrettävä, että romania ei saa valkaista”
9/2013 Kulttuurihaitari, ”Kansallismuseo kertoo
romanien holokaustista”
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mustalaisten holokausti. Kuka pelkää

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avulla vähemmistöjen ääni kuuluviin"


18.2.2012 Yle Uutiset, “Veijo Baltzar: Miranda antaa kasvot mustalaisten holokaustille”
7.3.2012 Yle Uutiset, "Miranda kertoo mustalaisten joukkotuhosta"18.3.2012 Suomen kuvalehti, "Kulkijamustalaisena kasvanut kirjailija Veijo Baltzar: ”Minua ei tarvitse suvaita”
8.3.2012 Kouvolan sanomat, “Mustalaisten holokaustista kertova näyttely aloitti kierroksensa Kouvolasta
3/2013 Juuri nyt, ”Eeva Liisa Höytämö haluaa auttaa romaneja oppimaan”
17.5.2012 Mikkelin kaupunkilehti, ”Jotta maailma ei unohtaisi”
5/2012 Mikkeli Viikkoset, ”Holokaustin uhreiksi joutuivat myös mustalaiset”
28.9.2012 Etelä-Saimaa, “Kiertävä näyttely kiertävästä kansasta”

9/2012 Lappeenrannan uutiset, ”Miranda-näyttely”
10/2012 ”Holokausti uusin silmin”
3.10.2012 Länsi-Savo, ”Monien aitojen kaataja”



Museum of Occupations, Tallinn

11 May – 31 Oct 2017

Opening speeches

Opened by first vice-chairman of Estonian Parliament, deputy Mr Enn Eesmaa

Cultural Counsellor Mr Veijo Baltzar

Director of Museum of Occupations Ms Merilin Piipuu

H.E. Ambassador of Finland to Estonia MsKirsti Narinen

Leader of Estonian Roma community Mr Roman Lutt

Deputy Head of Mission (Embassy of Germany in Estonia) Mr Reinhard Wiemer

Statements and comments

"Every occupied nation has had their own Mirandas, including Estonians. We are very grateful to Veijo Baltzar and to Museum of Occupations to have Miranda exhibition here in Tallinn."

-First vice-chair of Estonian Parliament, Member of Parliament Mr Enn Eesmaa


“With great respect, I thank Veijo Baltzar, the great Finnish cultural figure, for telling us this story, building the exhibition and bringing it here to Tallinn”.

-H.E. Ambassador of Finland in Estonia Ms Kirsti Narinen

“Miranda’s story is one of the most moving stories I have read and also heartbreaking.”

-Director of Museum of Occupations Ms Merilin Piipuu


“Miranda exhibition in the Museum of Occupations is very important. This exhibition tells the story of the Roma. It directs our attention to people who in the millions have very little access to the promises of Europe: security, well-being, opportunity. And who still have to fight for their space in society and history.”

-Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission (Embassy of Germany in Estonia) Mr Reinhard Wiemer

"This exhibition is very touching for me personally, because during the was 23 members of my family were lost without traces. Where did they go, what happened to them – I don’t know. There are only little pieces of information, such as that my sister was murdered."

-Roman Lutt, the leader of Estonian Roma community



Latvian Holocaust and Riga Ghetto Museum, Riga

15 May 2017  – 10 Apr 2018

Opening speeches

Opened by Mayor of Riga Mr Nils Ushakovs

Rabbi Mr Menachem Barkahan

Cultural Counsellor Mr Veijo Baltzar

H.E. Ambassador of Finland to Latvia Mr Olli Kantanen

President of International Romani Union, Dr. Normund Rudevich

News links

Statements and comments

“Thank you Drom for bringing this exhibition to Riga, for the opportunity to show to people of our country the tragedy of Roma people, sometimes underestimated and underreported in history. Wereally need it in our society."

-Mayor of Riga Mr Nils Ushakovs

“Miranda exhibition is not only about history of the Roma but also about art and understanding. This exhibition is a great initiative to the knowledge of the Roma question internationally”.

-H.E. Ambassador of Finland in Latvia Mr Olli Kantanen

“A human being means not to be a killer, not to be a victim and not to be a bystander. There were both killers and victims, but one ought not to be a bystander, even today, over 70 years after the end of the Second World War. Therefore let us remember, in order for those kind of events never to take place ever again.”

-Rabbi Mr Menachem Barkahan

"It took nearly 70 years that the history of Roma Holocaust begun to be discussed. I express my gratitude to Drom and "Šamir" Associations for providing our citizens with possibility to visit this exhibition and to discover something new."

-President of International Romani Union Dr. Normund Rudevich



National and University Library in Zagreb

29 Jun - 31 Aug 2017

Opening speeches

Opened by a delegate of President of Croatia, Member of Parliament Mr Veljko Kajtazi

Cultural Counsellor Mr Veijo Baltzar

MP of Croatia Ms Irena Petrijevčanin Vuksanović

State Secretary, Ministry of Culture of Croatia
Mr Ivica Policjak

Statements and comments

“I would love to see in my home country Croatia such Roma artists who could, in the way that our Finnish friends do, present the Roma community in another light. Balancing between negative phenomena is crucial, and today's exhibition is does excellent work in presenting the culture and suffering of the Roma to the majority people at institutional level. It is extremely important that the author of this exhibition is a member the Roma people. This is because of the fact that we have been witnessing lately significant objectivization of the Roma people. This gives special weight to authenticity of the project.”
-The inauguration speech of MP Mr Veljko Kajtazi, envoy of President of Croatia Ms. Kolinda Grabar Kitarović

"Croatian Parliament is a Patron of Miranda exhibition’s display at National and University Library as it recognizes the importance of the intriguing international initiative of "Miranda - the Roma Holocaust". We recognize the humane goal in which the tragic theme of human suffering is approached to today's citizens through artistic interpretation, which has also a pronounced educational aspect of avoiding and never repeating a similar tragedy on the European continent orbanywhere in the world."
-Ms Irena Petrijevčanin Vuksanović, Member of Parliament of Croatia, Envoy of the Chairman of Croatian Parliament

“Miranda exhibition strengthens the cultural relations between Finland and Croatia. Such exhibitions serve as a place of influence and inspiration to future generations to educate them about the fact that the evil that has been done some day should nowhere else be repeated.“
-State secretary, Ministry of Culture, Croatia Mr Ivica Poljičak

“Non-Roma population needs to be presented with knowledge and understanding about the particularities of culture and the history of the Roma minority. Miranda exhibition does that. I believe that art is what inspires in all of us different perceptions and feelings, and that's precisely what it's about to do. Art, music
and dance are always encouraging us to hear, see and feel more and they often become a medium for the discussion of social discourse. This exhibition, as well as the whole project, is a reminder of the past, but also a roadmap for the future.”

State Secretary, Ministry of Education and Science of Croatia Mr Hrvoje Šlezak

State Secretary, Ministry of Education and Science of Croatia Mr Hrvoje Šlezak

Varaždin's Old Synagogue, Varaždin

27 Sept - 10 Oct 2017

Opening speeches

News links

20 Sept 2017 Phralipen, "Interview – Veijo Baltzar: We had nothing to do with the war but the war had everything to do with us"

26 Sept 2017 Varazdinski, „Izložba 'Miranda - holokaust Roma' od srijede u varaždinskoj sinagogi”

27 Sept 2017 Varazdinski, "IZLOŽBA Miranda - holokaust Roma: 'Stradanja su se događala i u Varaždinu'"

27 Sept 2017 Narod, ”(FOTO) U Varaždinu otvorena međunarodna izložba “Miranda – Holokaust Roma”

27 Sept 2017 Direktno, „U Varaždinu otvorena izložba 'Miranda – Holokaust Roma'”

27 Sept 2017 Aktualno, „Otvorenje izložbe “Miranda – Holokaust Roma””

28 Sept 2017 Regionalni, FOTO Porijeklom Ciganin nomad, Finac Veijo Baltzar otvorio izlozbu u varazdinskoj sinagogi

28 Sept 2017 Varazdinske, Culture info

"Yesterday I came to the exposition of Veijo Baltzar 'MIRANDA-HOLOKAUST ROMA”,' and concluded that besides the exhibition was immensely touching and painful, the
astonishing beauty of the Varaždin Synagogue was amazing! Getting through the exhibition and the temple is so powerful that after this experience I touch a new world!"

-Visitor, Zeljko Prstec, Varazdin

Cultural Counsellor Mr Veijo Baltzar

Deputy Mayor of Varaždin city, Ms Sandra Malenica

Director of Galeriski Centar Mr Ivan Mesek 

Opened by a delegate of President of Croatia, Member of Parliament Mr Veljko Kajtazi

Synagogue of Koprivnica, Koprivnica

29 Jan - 13 Feb 2018

Opened by Mayor of Koprivnica City Mr Mišel Jakšic

Gimnazija Fran Galović (high school), Koprivnica

9 - 16 Feb 2018

K2 gallery, Hrvatski dom, Krizevci

8 - 16 Mar 2018

Opened by Mayor of Krizevci city Mr Mario Rajn

Eurodom, Osijek

12 Apr 2018

Inaugurators MP of Croatia Veljko Kajtazi, City Mayor Ivan Vrkic and Goran Ivanovic (county Osijek-Baranja)


News links


Slovak National Museum /
Sered' Holocaust Museum, Sered

2 Aug 2017 - 2 Feb 2018

Opening speeches

Opened by National Minorities of the Slovak Republic,

Mr László Bukovszky

Cultural Counsellor Mr Veijo Baltzar

State Secretary, Ministry of Culture of Slovakia,

Mr Rigo Konrád 

Ambassador of Finland in Slovakia & Czech Republic,

Helena Tuuri

 President of Bratislava Self-Governing Region,

Mr Pavol Frešo 

"We live uncertain times now in Europe and worldwide. Populistic and even extremist forces are getting more support - some people even see similarities in today´s society and public atmosphere with those of the 1930ies. I try to be optimistic and I believe those people are wrong.
Let us all hope that those awful times during and around the WW2 will never come back again. Miranda´s story teaches us how awful it really was when rule of law and human rights were not respected."

-Ambassador of Finland, Ms Helena Tuuri



Holocaust Memorial Center, Budapest

3 Aug – 31 Oct 2017

Opening speeches


Czech Republic

Office of the Ombudsman, Brno

24 Jan – 25 Feb 2018

Opening speeches

Opened by Director of Museum of Romani Culture,

Ms Jana Horvathová

Cultural Counsellor Mr Veijo Baltzar

Deputy Mayor of Brno city Ms Miriam Kolarová

Embassy of Finland in Czech Republic,

Ms Johanna Salovaara-Dean

Film director Ms Katariina Lillqvist (28:09-34:22)

News links

Statements and comments

Very good reminder in modern-day context – it is often being forgotten
what is important!

-Milan Sýkora

This is a mirrow, indicating that many of the world’s problems do not
change. Among these problems are with no doubt ignorance and
indifference. Thank you for the possibility to fight against them!


Interesting exhibition, and beautiful opening ceremony!

Very impressing and convincing.




Copenhagen Main Library, Copenhagen

15 Mar –  6 Apr 2018

Opening speeches

Opened by Cultural Mayor of Copenhagn Mr Niko Grünfeld

Cultural Counsellor Mr Veijo Baltzar



European Parliament, Brussels

20 Mar – 23 Mar  2018

Opening speeches

Opened by MEP Liisa Jaakonsaari (S&D, Finland)

MEP Soraya Post (S&D, Sweden)

Cultural Counsellor Mr Veijo Baltzar

European Commission, Cultural diversity and innovation unit, Ms Nicola Robinson

MP of Croatia Mr Veljko Kajtazi

Statements and comments

“I emphasize that the author of this exhibition is a member of the Roma community, Mr Veijo Baltzar. It is crucial that the Roma people themselves explore and present their own culture and history at this level and with the support of the EU institutions.

Typically the history of the Roma people has been explored by others and in these processes the Roma community had often lost their voices. This exhibition is not a classic historical view of Roma suffering but an attempt to strengthen intercultural dialogue between the largest minority group and majority groups in Europe.

Unfortunately, up to now and despite huge efforts invested in Roma integration in Europe, this process has failed, which is best visible if we compare the living conditions of the Roma and majorities.”
-MP of Croatia, Mr Veljko Kajtazi, Patron of Miranda Online Exhibition

“I am grateful to initiator and creator of Miranda, Mr Baltzar and all those people, who - through their commitment and dedication - have helped this unique project on its European tour, thereby contributing to
the education of both Roma and non-Roma of our common history. Because we very much need to be aware of our history. That you for helping our fight, Mr Baltzar.”

-MEP Ms Soraya Post (S&D, Sweden)

“I thank Mr Veijo Baltzar for bringing such an extraordinary exhibition to Brussels, which can teach us more about the Roma culture, Holocaust and our shared European history.”
-MEP Ms Liisa Jaakonsaari (S&D, Finland) Host of Miranda exhibition in European Parliament

"Miranda exhibition was especially touching and unforgettable. I wish the world, we, would never forget. I wish that humanity could advance on such level that we would be capable of living in peace with each other. I was greatly impressed by Veijo Baltzar’s passion for life, his life work as well as his proudness of his roots. Thank you for organizing this exhibition to European parliament, Miranda’s story deserves to be heard."

-Visual artist Kirsi Syrlin, Brussels (Finnish-born artist)

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