Miranda - the Roma Holocaust


The Travelling and Online Exhibition

"Miranda -the Roma Holocaust"

The story of Miranda by author Veijo Baltzar

Based on an authentic encounter, text from the novel My Friend, Adolf by Veijo Baltzar

The travelling and Online Exhibition administered by

Creative Association for Arts and Culture Drom (FI)

The Conscience of Europe 2013-2015 project


the Through Miranda’s Eyes 2016–2018 project


have been co-funded by the Europe for Citizens programme of European Union.

Cultural Counsellor, Author 

Veijo Baltzar, FI


Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar, a wandering Roma by his roots, is a Finnish author and a cultural fighter on many fronts. Baltzar has pursued his life's work the Roma nation through his artistic, cultural and social activities.

Since starting his literary career in 1960s, Baltzar has discussed Roma culture and its relationship with the majority culture in more than 72 literary works including novels, plays, prose collections, librettos and film manuscripts. 


Honorary Patron

Veljko Kajtazi, HR


Mr Veljko Kajtazi (born 1960, Kosovo) is a Member of Croatian Parliament (since 2011), representing country’s Roma population as well as 11 other national minorities of the Republic. 

Veljko Kajtazi holds three higher education degrees in Electrical Engineering, Athletic Training and Military Academy. Among one of his achievements, UNESCO recognized the World Day of Roma language via Kajtazi’s Croatian initiative.



Partners of the Miranda Initiative


The National Museum of Finland

City of Kouvola

The City of Tuusniemi

The City of Mikkeli

The City of Lappeenranta

Poleeni Cultural Center, Pieksämäki

The City of Jyväskylä

The City of Turku

The City of Rauma

The City of Iisalmi

The City of Vantaa

The City of Vaasa

The City of Kokkola

The municipality of Rautalampi

Espoo Cultural Center

Museum of Pietarsaari

MEP Liisa Jaakonsaari


Museum of Occupations  (EST)

Valga Museum (EST)

Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum (LAT) 

Slovak National Museum/

The Sered’ Holocaust Museum (SVK), National and University Library in Zagreb (HRV)

City of Osijek (HRV)

K.V.A.R.K/City of Krizevci (HRV)

Kali Sara -Croatian Roma Union (HRV)

Parliament of Croatia (HRV)

Galeriski centar Varazdin (HRV)

Koprivnica City’s Cultural Office (HRV)

Holocaust Memorial Center (HUN)


Finnagora Cultural Institute (HUN/FIN)

Copenhagen Main Library (DEN)

Dansk lnstitut fér Internationale Studier (DEN)

Finsk-Norsk kulturinstitut Norway

The National Holocaust Centre

Beth Shalom (UK)

Museum of Romani Culture (CZE)

Ombudsman’s office, Brno (CZE) 

Latin Art Gallery (CZE)

Asociatia Tikvah (ROM) 

Documentation and Cultural Center of  German Sinti and Roma (DEU) 

Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (UKR)

Finnish lnstitute in St. Petersburg  (RUS)

Institute of Romani Culture (ALB)

Centre for Intercultural 

Communication SIK (NOR) Anne Frank Foundation (NET)

The Archive of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum (POL)

Gedenkstétte for die Bonner Opfer des Nationalsozialismus,

An der Synagoge e.V. (DEU)

The Ethnological Archive of the Museum of Ethnography (HUN)

The Archive of National Library (AUS) 

Memorial Center Camp,

Westerbork (NLD)

Bundesarchiv - Federal Archives, Koblenz (DEU) 

Landelijke Sinti Organisatie (NLD)

 Bildagentur bpk (DEU)

Benelux  Institute (FIN/BEL



Photo Archives of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USA)



Museum del Holocausto in Buenos Aires (ARG)


Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Government of India (IND)


Europe for Citizens, EU

The Finnish Ministry of

Education and Culture

The Dutch Embassy in Helsinki 

The Swedish Cultural Foundation

in Finland

The Nordic Culture Fund

Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Otto A. Malm Foundation



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